Are you looking for traditions that have survived to this day? Are you attracted to extreme roads? Are you looking for the highest settlement in Georgia? If you want to see and feel all this, you should come along with us to Tusheti – the most beautiful region of Georgia!

Tusheti is distinguished by beautiful peaks. Unique monuments of cultural heritage, ancient settlements, samples of folk handicrafts and items of ancient culture are still preserved in Tusheti. Along with the surrounding historical and cultural landscapes, the traditions and customs of the population are also preserved.

During the tour, we will pass the beautiful Abano Pass. We look at the Alazani Valley from above. We will see the towers of Keselo, the beautiful village of Shenako, which tells itself that you should praise it! We will visit Diklo Fortress, the highest settlement in Georgia and many interesting places.

So do not waste your time and plan your Tushetian adventure with us!


We leave Tbilisi in the direction of Omalo at 04:00 in the morning.
Picnic on Bath Pass, break.
Tusheti is included in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage. Tusheti is considered to be the center of Tusheti. Along with the surrounding historical and cultural landscapes, the traditions and customs of the population are preserved.
We stay in a hotel (one hour break).
Gaghma Tusheti – Shenako village; Small walking tour in the direction of Old Diklo; Return to Omalo. Tush dinner.
Tush cuisine is characterized by local dishes such as: Tush khinkali, which is made from taxed meat, Tush sheep cheese, also called gouda cheese, khachapuri made from Tush cheese, and a surprisingly diverse dairy products.
P.S In case of bad weather we do not move to Tusheti

Breakfast at the hotel; Excursion to Old Omalo Keselo Towers and Museum;
This unique part of Georgia preserves the remnants of ancient culture. Tush Towers – These flexible stone structures provided shelter for the Tusheti as well as a watchtower to escape Chechen and Dagestani attacks. The cast iron animal figures found in these towers date back to the IV-V centuries. The fact that culture and architecture in Tusheti was developed in ancient times is also evidenced by the bee-ski-style buildings.
Departure to the opposite Tusheti; Dartlo, Kvavlo, Farsma, Girevi. Lunch in Dartlo. Return to Omalo.

We will visit the villages of the beautiful Gometsri gorge, namely: the highest populated village in Europe Bochorna (2350 m) Dochu, Begela, Alisgori, Vedziskhevi, Jvarboseli,
Lunch in Omalo and departure to Tbilisi; Return to Tbilisi with unforgettable impressions.



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