About Lechkhumi
Lechkhumi is located in the northern part of western Georgia, present-day Tsageri municipality. It is distinguished by its ancient culture and beautiful nature. Lechkhumi is a very interesting and attractive place for travelers with forests, waterfalls, canyons, mineral waters, alpine meadows, lakes and a mystical mountain of Khvamli with a great history. Khvamli Mountain is an important place for the whole history of Georgia, which is visited by many people on the holiday of Khvamloba.

The traces of human life in Lechkhumi date back to the Paleolithic-Neolithic age. The territory is considered as one of the most powerful metallurgical sites of the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age. From ancient times the international caravan route has been passing through the middle of Lechkhumi, connecting Fazisi with the peoples of the North Caucasus. After the creation of a united feudal state, the Kingdom of Georgia, the Takveri Saeristavo was created, which included present-day Racha – Lechkhumi and the part of Kvemo Svaneti. Its center was Tsageri. After the period of David the Builder, until the collapse of the united Georgian kingdom, Takveri was sometimes an independent Saeristavo and sometimes it was subordinate to Svaneti. Although, Lechkhumi was the smallest political entity in western Georgia, there were plenty of fortresses and it was a great shelter during the war. According to historical sources, the treasure storage of Georgian kings were on the Khvamli Mountain. Since the second half of the XVII century Lechkhumi was seeking for independence and a position appeared- the title of head of Lechkhumi. In the XII-XIV century Takveri was replaced by Lechkhumi. The word Lechkhumi is first mentioned at the end of the XV century. Its trade and economic center was in Lailashi. After the creation of the Kingdom of Imereti (XV century), Lechkhumi entered in the kingdom as a Royal Domain. From the second half of the XVII century, the Lechkhumian nobles tried to create separate Satavados. In 1714, after the Lechkhumi’s dirigeant Bejan I Dadiani became the Mtavari of Samegrelo, Lechkhumi became one of the parts of the Samegrelo Principality, and was ruled by Dadiani’s selected commander. Lechkhumi played a major role in the economy and military affairs of Odishi. Nowadays, historical Lechkhumi, present-day Tsageri Municipality, is the part of the Racha – Lechkhumi – Kvemo Svaneti region.

What to see
The territory of Lechkhumi preserves the history of millenia. Here we find pre-christian settlements, medieval castle-fortresses and temples. The nature of Lechkhumi hidden in the green reminds us of Tsalkoti with waterfalls, lakes, beautiful fields and wide views. Visitors are particularly impressed by the Sairme pillars and Khvamli Mountains of great historical importance, where, according to the myths, the Prometheus was chained at the order of Zeus, who was later rescued by Heracles.




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