Wine tour Kakheti

Blessed – this is how Georgians – with awe, bred for thousands of years – call wine. Culture of wine-growing and winemaking are fundamental basis of identity of this people. No wonder! After all, it was proved that Georgia is indeed the birthplace of wine! It was here that the first wine-growing attempts were made and the process of its fermentation was mastered. Genes of Georgian vines can be traced in DNA of different grape varieties worldwide. It is the Georgian word Gvino that is at the root of all words that denote this noble drink. But even in Georgia, there are places that stand out with its wine tradition. We will go to Kakheti – the main wine producing centre of the country!

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Distance: 350 kilometers
Stay: Tbilisi, Signagi, Telavi
Tour itinerary:

Wine and culinary tour in Georgia

There is no other country in the world where people drink so much high-quality wine, – traveler Jean Chardin wrote about Georgia. Long before the French traveler such authorities of antiquity, as Strabo, Herodotus and Plutarch, successfully treated themselves to Georgian wine of Saperavi varieties. The origin of the word wine is thought to derive from Georgian Gvino. A Georgian food is rightly counted among the best cuisines in the world, with abundance of original flavors and unusual combinations. This tour is for food-lovers! By coming with us you get to know a country rife with sunlight, saturated with bouquets of freshly-baked Lavash bread and fermenting wines. Sit back and enjoy, we are embarking on a voyage across wine seas and culinary shores!

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights
Distance: 1 600 kilometers
Stay: Tbilisi, Telavi, Tskaltubo, Batumi
Tour itinerary:

Georgia – Classic Tour

Legend has it that God gave Georgians a land that he prepared for himself upon the creation of the world. While science found that ancient ancestors of Europeans lived on this land. It was from here that first people went to populate continents, starting an endless series of human migration on the planet. It was to this land that mythical wealth of Georgia attracted travelers since ancient times. Greek Argonauts sailed to the shores of the mysterious Colchis to get the Golden Fleece. Great conquerors of antiquity led their armies to capture mysterious Iberia. for centuries poets and storytellers of different peoples praised the beauty of this country set amongst magnificent mountains of the Caucasus. And now you have a chance to share the unique culture that Georgia has accumulated over millennia of stormy years. Exotour will show you the great story of the small state in which there are more than 200 museums and about 12 000 monuments from different eras, including those listed as the UNESCO world Heritage sites. Preservation of this heritage has always been associated with a sense of national identity of the Georgian people. Georgians will appreciate your attention to their traditions and they will repay you for this with their phenomenal hospitality. Lets start our journey!

Duration: 10 days / 9 nights;
Length: 2400 km;
Overnight stay: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Borjomi.
Tour itinerary:

Unforgettable mountains: Off-road tour in Svaneti

There is hardly a person who saw this mountainous region of Georgia and had not fallen in love with majestic, unique beauty of the land of towers…Foreigners who come to Svaneti once want to return there again and again, while its inhabitants are always ready to welcome guests with genuine hospitality of mountainous people. Svaneti is a special corner of Georgia, with a special spirit, special history and customs… Lets start the journey to the clouds! It starts from airports of Kutaisi, Batumi or Tbilisi. Note, that if it is Tbilisi that you fly to, you will have to add another day to your schedule.

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights;
Length: 550 km;
Overnight stay: Mestia.
Tour itinerary:

Three-Days Trip in Tusheti

About Three-Days Trip in Tusheti

Are you looking for traditions that have survived to this day? Are you attracted to extreme roads? Are you looking for the highest settlement in Georgia? If you want to see and feel all this, you should come along with us to Tusheti – the most beautiful region of Georgia!

Tusheti is distinguished by beautiful peaks. Unique monuments of cultural heritage, ancient settlements, samples of folk handicrafts and items of ancient culture are still preserved in Tusheti. Along with the surrounding historical and cultural landscapes, the traditions and customs of the population are also preserved.

During the tour, we will pass the beautiful Abano Pass. We look at the Alazani Valley from above. We will see the towers of Keselo, the beautiful village of Shenako, which tells itself that you should praise it! We will visit Diklo Fortress, the highest settlement in Georgia and many interesting places.

So do not waste your time and plan your Tushetian adventure with us!


The main task of our team is to complete the tour without any shortcomings. We will take care of your safe movement with a rectified and off-road jeep, as well as experienced drivers. Thus, we do not drink on the road and do not come to the meeting place drunk.

What to consider

Wear sporty/comfortable outfits. It is desirable to have a raincoat. Wear comfortable and low-profile shoes so that you could easily move.


The tour is of medium difficulty and does not require special physical training. The total walking distance is 7 k

A journey through the seasons

Winter, spring, summer and autumn in 10 days. It is only in Georgia that you can emerse yourself in all seasons during just one trip. Such a wealth of climatic zones comes from a complex relief of a small country. More than two thirds of the territory is occupied by mountains, height of many of which exceeds 5 kilometers. If we move from west to east, subtropical climate of the Black Sea coastline will be replaced by continental Mediterranean climate. And traveling up along roads into in mountainous regions will reveal harsh beauty of wooded cliffs and emerald alpine fields. During this tour Exotour will give you a chance to try ripe fruits in the valleys and to immediately see blossoming trees of the same fruits in the gorges, to mould snowballs among glaciers, and the same day to have a swim in warm Black Sea…